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Do not temper with the tap

When it comes to the American soil, people are well aware of the fact that the drinking water is not the country's stronger and better side. This is why they are advised, and constantly reminded that the unfiltered running water, i.e. the one from the tap should be avoided as much as possible, primary reasons being, of course, too great quantities of chlorine and other undesired chemicals as well. In addition, what many people are not aware of is that the vapor coming from chlorine also holds perilous characteristics and represents yet another environmental health hazard.

Therefore, the best way to avoid getting those toxins inside one's body and protecting one's health is installing a proper whole house water filter, which is known to be capable of blocking the chlorine with a superb rate of success – almost 100%. This way, the chlorine itself can never get to that vaporizing phase, and thus it cannot cause any harm with its hazardous effects.

Gas in history and in contemporary times

When it comes to history, quite a number of people is still in the dark regarding the uses chlorine had back then. Namely, this gas was heavily exploited and employed as a most efficient chemical weapon, especially in the course of the World War I. The main reason for its usage lies in the fact that it possesses such qualities that put it in the category of those more severe respiratory irritants. And each time a person makes use of hot water, the chlorine is known to become vaporized. In addition, another quite concerning fact is that chlorine is the most preferred “weapon of choice” by a number of water treatment facilities which use it for disinfection purposes predominantly. During such action, it is known that certain amount of by-products finds its way into the water (also known as the THMs) – one of them being the chloroform gas. And one should be in possession of an exceptional filter in order to block out such by-products.

What many will find concerning is the fact, also confirmed by the government, that chloroform gas is present in the greatest majority of homes, all across the USA, and the major problematic issues the government stated to be is the showering in chlorinated water. What exposure to even those low levels of chloroform tends to bring about is dizziness, fatigue and headaches. Having all this in mind, acquiring a proper water filter seems inevitable. However, in order to be provided with the best of protection, it is important that one purchases the most quality water filter, for only such filters hold the power to block the chlorine and its ill effects on one's health.

The above stated fact and recommendation becomes even sturdier when having in mind that the researchers suspect of a direct link between specific varieties of cancer (e.g. rectal cancer, breast cancer etc.) and showering in chlorinated water.

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