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Lemons have been present in our diet for centuries. They are usually used for making lemonade or mixed drinks, cooking, nowadays for cleaning products and air fresheners. Lemon can help our body in many ways, by stimulating the digestive system and purifying the liver, it can eliminate waste products and toxins.

Lemons are acidic but in our body they alkalize. The problem with our diet is that we eat very acidic food and it can cause variety of health problems. So, lemon can help purifying the organism and fix all the problems caused by a bad diet.

Lemon should be present in everyday activities through food and especially water. Lemon water is a good way of cleaning our organism and help it became healthier. If we want to look our best, with pure skin, the first thing that we should do is to seek help in lemon water. Without toxins, our body will look younger, healthier and we wouldn\'t have to worry about acne.

Inside our body, in combination with hot water, lemon can help with many digestion problems: nausea, heartburn, constipation and parasites. Lemon contains high level of vitamin C, so it can help in treating infections, hasten wound healing, and diminish allergies.

People with urinary tract infections should drink lemon water on regular basis since it is a powerful diuretic. Those with arthritis or rheumatism should also consume this mixture because it eliminates bacteria and toxins. One interesting fact is that lemon mixed with coffee can stop headaches. In externally usage, lemon juice can stop nose bleeding and bleeding gums. Applied on our skin, it can prevent sunburn.

Generally speaking, water is an essential element in our life and we should be paying more attention on how much do we drink it on daily basis. Lemon is also used as a beauty product. Applied to the hair, it can lighten blond hair, and for those with black hair it can bring golden and red highlights. After treatment with lemon water, our hair will look cleaner and shinier, reflecting more highlights.

It is best to start your day by drinking a glass of lemon water. It will give you energy. 8 glasses (with or without lemon) is recommended amount of water on daily basis.

The best lemons are those with bright yellow color and fresh looks. Don\'t insert lemons into microwave, it will lose all the healthy ingredients. One interesting fact about lemon is that our mouth begin to water with a very thought of lemon. We don\'t have to actually have lemon in our hands. Water and lemon are still the cheapest cure and can help our entire body feel better.

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