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Most people are aware of the fact that the human body ismade up of 70 percent water, but not many people know that the human brain isalso made up of even more – 80 percent water. So it is very important tounderstand that healthy and clean water is actually the backbone of a healthylifestyle for any individual. Unfortunately, not that many people pay attentionto what kind of water they drink or cook with. Certain scientists claim thateverything which is of physical, biological or chemical origin and which getsinjected into the biosphere can and will eventually get into the earth’s watersupplies. All those contaminants need to be removed from the water before theconsumption.

The Role of the Government

The Government of the United States invests a lot of moneyinto various projects which deal with the abatement of water pollution so thatall communities can meet the goals which concern the water quality. Some localmunicipalities, unfortunately, still use sewer systems which date back to thetimes when Abraham Lincoln was president. Such obsolete water treatment facilities andobsolete plumbing are not adequate enough. Average water quality level is takenonly over a period of time. Certain scientific studies have shown that manmadechemicals can be identified in groundwater AND in the drinking water supplies.

Where are the Contaminants coming from?

The contaminants come from the agro-business, increasedpesticide use from farms, discharge from commercial businesses and industries,old dilapidated underground storage tanks, poorly designed and maintainedland-fills, improper disposal of household products and cleaning solvents andso on… Tap water may sometimes contain radon, arsenic, lead, pesticides,pathogen and even some toxic chemicals. One may decide to quality of the water on a regular basis in localindependent laboratories. Most universities perform such a service for a smallamount of money. Another option is to use one of the systems for water filtrationavailable on the market.

Filtered Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

There are virtually hundreds of different types of waterfiltration systems and dispensers available on the market and designed for useat home. The simple ones are usually meant to be installed right at the kitchensink. All of those systems are very convenient, indeed. Numerous types ofdispensers offer the option of having cool filtered drinking water forconsumption from one hander and instant heated water for cooking from the otherhandle.

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