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Chipped Tooth

This problem is not so great when the severity of the condition is concerned, but the biggest concern for those with this problem is the cost for the repair of it. This problem usually occurs when we injure the face, commonly when we fall on the face. If this happens, the repair is needed. The problem with chipped tooth is purely esthetical, so repair is something the great majority looks for as soon as possible.

People whit chipped tooth can have some emotional problems, because of the chipped tooth; they may lose confidence and even try not to smile. The dental costs are huge, because even for minors procedures we have to give big amounts of money, which is why people are afraid that this problem will require a lot of green notes.


We will talk about the costs since there are several possible ones and they depend on the factors in the following text. The first factor is the chipping extent. The tooth can sometimes be barely visible and sometimes the chip may be very small and hard to notice. Logically, the greater the chip is, the greater costs are.

A technique called dental bonding is used on the small chipping, while cap or a crown is required for the more serious chippings. The cost for the dental bonding goes from 100 to 150 dollars, but the use of the crown or the cap increases the bill to even 1000 dollars. Sometimes, the tooth is completely missing and in these cases dental implants are needed.

The next factor that determines the cost is location. When we say location, we do not think the location of the chipping, but the location of the dental office. You can pay significantly less in offices located in more down market areas, while the ones in plush areas will have higher costs.

The third factor is the dental bonding with chipped tooth repair. The most simple, quick and preferable solution is the dental bonding. It is usually done in one or two sittings. Also, the results will be more natural looking. The firsts step of this procedure is the matching the tooth color and the bonding color. The surface is then roughened up and the resin is applied. For the end, the surface is polished and smoothened and after two hours, the resin will become hard and the smile can lighten up the face once again. This procedure is usually covered by the medical insurance. But the nerve can sometimes be damaged if the injury is great. In this situation x-ray will determine if this actually is the problem. If it is, the nerve will probably be first to treat.

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