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Abdomen's delicate walls can become weak and this situation is called hernia. There are several types of hernia and some of them are epigastric hernia, incisional hernia, femoral hernia, umbilical hernia and hiatal hernia. The walls of the stomach can bulge and this can be caused by the mentioned hernia types. Hernia occurs mostly in the groin area and this situation causes a lot of pain during the day. Activities that are physically more demanding will make this pain even worse. Also, stomach region can be a place of a swelling and hernia is commonly treated with a surgery. In the following lines, we will talk more about this.

Hernia Surgery

Bulge causes hernia and the surgery is done in order to return it in the normal position and avoid the reoccurrence of this problem. The most common way of treating this problem is laparoscopic surgery and during this procedure, a camera on top of a small tube is inserted in order to provide the image of the hernia. The incision is made on the abdominal wall, and once the image is acquired, the mesh is placed behind the hernia. This type of surgery is associated with less pain and the chance of hernia reoccurrence is reduced to minimal. Recovery will last two weeks only.

However, if some medical condition is present, doctor may not conduct this surgery due to the high risks involved. This surgery may not be done if a patient is obese, pregnant or has some medical condition such as hemophilia. General anesthesia is used during this procedure and before the surgery, there may be need for the blood pressure, heart rate or urine test. The bulge needs to be returned in the original position and during the open mesh surgery, this is done. A synthetic mesh is used during the open surgery and this provides the abdomen wall with strength.


10 000 dollars is the approximate cost of this surgery, but there are some factors, such as hospital, location, complications, which influence the total costs. So the cost can range from 4 000 to 13 000 dollars. Good health insurance can significantly reduce the costs of this surgery. As we have said, location influences the cost, and the most affordable hospitals are in India and Mexico. Consult a doctor if you are considering this surgery, which has helped a lot of people to lead normal lives again.

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