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Teeth Bonding Characteristics

Teeth bonding has been very popular fora longer period nowadays. This process involves fixing your decayed,or ever broken teeth, especially those in the front, with a speciallycolored outer layer. The color of this veneer is meant to resemblethe exact color of your natural teeth. However, this method, eventhough very interesting and quite wide-spread, still has positive andnegative sides. Moreover, teeth bonding has people who are for it andthose who are against it. Thus, if you are wondering whether youshould or should not do it, read on and find some important answersto your questions.

Benefits of Teeth Bonding

First of all, many people takeaesthetics quite seriously. Bearing that in mind, they are heavilyinfluenced by the way they look. Subsequently, if their teeth are notperfect, and other people are able to see that, they will definitelysolve their problems through this dental procedure. Everydiscoloration, caries or missing teeth parts can be taken care ofthrough teeth bonding. Thus, for the sake of looks and self-esteem,this method is an excellent choice.

Moreover, this procedure is fast andeffective. Many people who have decided to have their teeth filledthis way know that it was all done in one sitting per tooth. So,teeth bonding is practical, quick, and provides a great change for thebetter.

Finally, price is of the essence. Thisprocedure is absolutely affordable, especially when compared to morecomplicated and costly ones like crowns or bridges placement. All inall, teeth bonding is a dental procedure with many different positivesides.

Negative Sides of Teeth Bonding

Even though teeth bonding, as mentionedabove, offers instant color matching with your other teeth, thismakeover might not last for long. Namely, the resin used for fillingyour teeth during this method may get stained or change its color andbe easily noticeable from that moment. Moreover, this is almost boundto happen to people who drink coffee, sodas, or alcohol often. Also,it will be impossible for you to undergo the teeth whiteningprocedure since the resin will not get whiter as the rest of yourtooth, again resulting in discoloration.

Also, bonding teeth may not be for youin case you are not the most diligent person and will tend tocontinue your chewing and biting habits as usual. The resin is not asresistant as your teeth are. Thus, by eating apples you risk losing your filling and having to have itplaced again. Special care is needed while eating, and those who arenot capable of being careful should not opt for this dentalprocedure.

Finally, during this dental procedure,your tooth is exposed to certain acids which might damage it or makeit more fragile in the future, even though you will have a fillingplaced onto it.

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