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Introducing Tooth Implants

Many people experience dental problemsduring the course of their lives. Often, they either ignore theseproblems or deal with them in the traditional way, having their dentistsfix the damage done by their careless or neglectful brushing and lackof proper awareness of their dental health. However, many times, atooth can only be saved a limited number of times. Then, the decaymay lead to the extraction of the tooth, making one prone toinfections, gum problems, pain and many other problems of this type.

Luckily, there is a procedure which ismore effective than all your visits to the dentist, being morepermanent, easily maintained and, in 99% successful. This procedureis installing tooth implants in the place of your teeth. Thisprocedure involves replacing the root of your natural tooth with anartificial one, onto which your artificial tooth is fixated. Theseimplants are made of heavily durable materials which will provide youwith a brilliant smile and strong teeth without pain or dentalsuffering afterwards.

However, these implants are quitecostly. Nevertheless, read on to learn more about them and,potentially, take them into serious consideration.

Facts about Tooth Implants

First of all, these implants are madeof titanium, which fits well in the bone tissue of your jaw, settlingnaturally after a period of time. These are fixated into previouslycreated sockets in your jaw bone and are locked in tight in order tohold your artificial teeth successfully.

Before you opt for this kind of amakeover, your dental health needs to be analyzed and examined byyour dentist. This will involve X-ray scans, CT scans and somealternative procedures. Then, if you meet all the requirements, yourtooth implanting will be scheduled.

First, sockets are made in the gums, bydrilling tiny holes into the jawbone. Then, the implants are fixedand the gums are stitched over them. After a healing period of aboutsix weeks, temporary crowns are fixated onto the implants. Then, oncefive more weeks have passed, the real, permanent artificial teeth areplaced and secured onto the implant, completing the process.

Why Choose Tooth Implants?

These artificial teeth fit your emptyspots perfectly, perfectly resembling your natural teeth. Moreover,you will not lose bone tissue, since all the loss during theprocedure will be compensated for by special bone grafts.

While you need extra care in case youhave dentures or bridges, implants of this type do not need this kindof maintenance. All you need to do is to wash them regularly andattend dental checkups every now and then.

Finally, the price. It ranges with thequality of the implant itself and the dental service provided.Therefore, it might range from $1000 to $3000. Nevertheless, it isworth every single cent.

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