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The surgery called cataract surgery will be the topic of this text. Mostly we will see how the high the costs of this surgery are, but we will give general information about this surgery as well. The problem that this surgery corrects is called cataract. It is associated with the cloudy condition of the natural lenses. The problem needs to be treated since it causes vision problems, and even the loss of vision is possible if the treatment is not conducted. The cataract can affect almost anybody, but it is mostly seen among those who are older than 55 years. Even dogs can be targeted by this condition.


Cost is one of the most important information connected with this surgery. There are many fees that have to be paid, such as medications, anesthesia, surgeon and several others. The price is also determined by the lens type used for the procedure, medical facility, location and insurance that the patient has. Health insurance is maybe the most important factor that influences the total cost. There are intraocular, monofocal and standard types of lenses, which determine the cost, but this is nothing you should worry about, if you have medical health insurance. The insurance covers these types of lenses, but it does not cover the multifocal and you will have to pay them by yourself. The cost of the surgery ranges from 5000 to 1000$, if you are not insured, and the price doubles if both eyes are operated on. Never agree to a surgery without consultation with the insurance company. Another important factor is the location of the medical facility. There are different prices for this surgery in different cities and countries. Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities to perform cataract surgery. The medical facility is another factor that determines the price.


A surgeon, who determines the cost of the cataract surgery, will conduct the operation. In order to see if you are a candidate for the surgery, the doctor will examine the eye, and after several procedures, you will be told how much money you will have to pay for this surgery. As we have said, different types of lenses lead to different costs. Additional 1000$ will be needed if you want to use multifocal lenses for your surgery. If you do not have enough money, you can get a payment plan that suits you and that you can fulfill. The cataract surgery cost depends on the several factors we have stated in the previous text. Inform about the possibilities and see which fees are covered by your insurance.

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