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Temporary Tooth Filling

Once a tooth filling falls out you should seek the advise of your dentist who may recommend a temporary filling . This procedure may also be done Prior other procedures like displaced crown and root canal. We will focus onthis procedure in this article. Falling of the tooth filing is something mostof us have experienced when taking a hard bite at our food. This problemrequires filling that needs to be done as soon as possible, but this can behard when there are no dentists around. This is when temporary tooth fillingcomes in play. This is something that can be done even by a non-professional. Cavity and tooth decay require a repair that can be done with temporary toothfilling procedure. During this procedure, decay is removed; the area is cleaned andfilled with a material that takes a shape of a tooth. This will close of thearea from bacteria and avoid future decay. The material we have mentionedconsists of amalgam, composite resin, gold and porcelain. Lost filling ordisplaced crown can be held in place with the help of this procedure. Theproblem we are talking about cause's pain if sensitive area is touched by coldarea, tongue or cold foods or liquids. The area we are talking about is not exposed, but it was filled. Cimpat is the most common material used for the temporarytooth filling. It avoids future leaking, but this prevention is temporary anddepends on the ability to seal and its strength. Filling can last for fewmonths if it is placed properly and if it is not less thick then 4mm. But inother cases, the filling may be dissolved and washed away after a week.

The procedure

Premixed compound is the basic material needed for the temporary tooth filling.You can get this from a temporary tooth filling kit, which can be acquired atthe dentist's office. For the procedure you will also need cloves oil, disinfectedwater, latex gloves and antiseptic soap. The hands need to be washed withantiseptic soap and then put on the latex gloves. Then with disinfected waterrinse your mouth and then filling needs to be prepared, with the premixed compoundor if you do not have it, with wax or sugarless gum ball. Cloves oil or eugenoloil drop needs to be applied on the location and this will reduce the pain.Then insert the filling and be sure to fill the whole void and cover thetissue also. Then bite something down so that everything aligns, and after awhile, the filling will harden. This is a temporary solution that needs to be done by a professional, so dothis only if you cannot get hold of a dentist. Also, temporary filling is, likethe name tells us, a temporary solution, so seek a more permanent one.

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