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Whenit comes to the price range of dental implants, one should be prepared handsomelyif s/he seeks to have more than one tooth replaced. This translated intonumbers looks like the following – 1,500 to 3,500 US dollars per one replacedtooth. But this is actually not the end of costs. Namely, in case a person inquestion needs special preparation of the jaw bone, this can further increasethe costs to staggering 15,000 to 30,000 US dollars. Of course, the prices areprone to change depending on the kind of implant a person requires and optsfor, as well as on the dental specialist that a person chooses to perform theprocedure itself. One mitigating circumstance, however, is that quite a numberof dental care providers do offer some kind of discount for those people whoseek to replace more than one tooth and put more than one implant at once.

Asalready mentioned, the entire procedure and the service of providing one withdental implants includes much more than just implants themselves. Included aswell are a number of fees and services. Prior to undergoing the entireprocedure, one is required to pay a visit to the specialist solely for the purpose of consulting him in more detail about the matter. This way the specialistsevaluates if there is a need for implants and makes an estimate of theentire amount of work than will have to be done in case implants are needed. Suchvisits can be covered by one’s medical insurance, or are included inthe final bill. In addition, certain people may be in need of certain bone or jawwork in order for the specialist to be able to put the implant in thedesignated position. Bone-graft procedures are known to cost 750 US dollars andbeyond, whereas for example, elevation of the sinuses is somewhere near 2,500dollars. Titanium posts range from 1,000 to 2,200 US dollars, and the abutmentround 600 all the way to 800 US dollars. The crown of the implant amounts isbetween 800 and 1,000 US dollars.


Theoverall price of the implants can also depend on the exact type and theplacement of the implant. Some specialists might charge a person an additional750 dollars for those implants that need to be put in the back of the lowerjaw, because this area is known to be more difficult to reach and abounds innerves that must be approached with utmost care.

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