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Dental crown

Every person wants to look pretty and beautiful. In order to achieve this, a beautiful smile is necessary. When one has problems with teeth disorders, there are many options to treat them. One of these options is the appliance of dental crowns. Dental crown are used in order to make strong a tooth that is weak, decayed or fractured. They may also cover the dental implants. A dental crown is also needed when a broke or a decayed tooth does not have enough of healthy structure necessary to support a filling.

There are various dental crowns because they can be made of different materials. In case when a tooth is in a very bad condition, it is first necessary to treat root canal and then apply the dental crown. Everybody should know that a dental crown is an irreversible tooth condition. In order to place a dental crown, it is necessary to remove the tooth enamel and some of the tooth structure.

Types of dental crowns

There are two types of dental crowns. One type of the dental crowns is metal based, while the other type is metal-free.

The metallic dental crowns are the strongest. They are usually called gold crowns or full gold crowns. These dental crowns are not made only of gold, but they can also be made of platinum, palladium, silver and copper, as well as of nickel, chromium and tin. The best metallic dental crowns are of gold, platinum and palladium, because they do not have corrosive resilient features. This type of dental crowns is very good because they are long lasting and cannot be chipped or worn. Moreover, they are very strong and can endure biting and chewing forces. However, the main disadvantage of the metallic dental crown is that they do not look so nice esthetically.Porcelain dental crowns are very good for the front teeth because they have natural tooth color. However, they are not as strong as the metallic dental crowns. Furthermore, they are prone to chipping and wearing. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are made of the porcelain from the outer side, while in the inside of the crown there is a metal. This kind of dental crowns is stronger than simple porcelain dental crown. Nevertheless, the porcelain part is susceptible to chipping and wearing. Moreover, because of the metallic part, which is inside, the tooth looks opaque. One more disadvantage of porcelain fused-to-metal crowns is that, when a person age, the gums recede and the metallic part begins to show a dark shadow near the gum line.

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