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We will talk about the painexperienced during the dental crown treatment. During this procedure, a numberof reasons can cause pain, and we will try to bring some of them closer to you.When the tooth is beyond repair, when the pulp is invaded by the decay, theprocedure called root canal treatment is performed. Root canal is also done ifthe tooth is chipped for some reason. Because of the decay, tooth is verydelicate and fragile and fractures can easily happen, which is why dental crownis put. There are many possible causes for the dental crown treatment, and wewill talk about several of them.


As we have mentioned, bad rootcanal procedure can cause the pain in question. If the whole pulp tissue is notremoved, pain can be felt after the root canal treatment. During this treatment,filling can expand to the periapical region, which will produce pain felt as ifit is coming from the crown, but in fact, it will be coming from the tooth.

There is also a possibility that the crown located on the gingiva impinges.This impingement may be slight or slow, since this occurs when the crown ispresent for a longer period of time. It can make the surface of the tooth wideopen and easy to harm, and in this way, the tooth will become more sensitive tocold and hot items.

Problem can occur if the crown is not properly placed, becauseit will cause the crown's overextension, which will lead to the gumsimpingement and eventually to the swelling of the gums. The area of the tooth thatis prepared can be exposed if the crown is small in height, and pain, swellingof the gums and gathering of the microorganisms and particles will follow.

Thecrown can be prepared just right, but it can also be improperly prepared, whichusually happens because of the bad impression of the tooth, faulty cast or ifthe surface of the tooth is fractured during the manufacture. Flossing can alsobring tooth crown pain.

Crowns will demand more care since they do nottolerate particles gathered around. Gingival tissue can be injured sometimes andthis can produce pain and bleeding of the gums. We have given you several mostcommon causes for the dental crown pain. Remember that, if you are experiencingthis or any other kind of pain, you should seek medical attention. They willsee what the problem is and treat it accordingly.

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