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Nowadays, dental veneers are far more affordable than they were several decades ago. Thus, more and more people opt for these jewels of cosmetic medicine. Nevertheless, dental veneers are still quite costly, presenting a serious investment. Yet, people who had these veneers done, in most cases, claim that the positive effect of the make over more than compensates for the money spent on the procedure. For those who cannot afford porcelain dental veneers, composite resin variants exist. However, these are not of highest quality and have a limited durability. Thus, before opting for dental veneers, you need to know what your choices are and how much money you need to save.

What Does the Price Depend on?

First of all, the location of the dental facility is one of the crucial factors, dictating the price. For example, this procedure is far cheaper in the developing countries than it is in the US, being of absolute same quality. Secondly, the experience and skills of your dentist and the creator of the porcelain veneers can influence the price, going higher with the quality of service. Also, the more teeth you plan on having done, the more money you will have to invest.

As it was mentioned above, the type of dental veneer affects the price of the makeover too. Different materials have different costs and this is reflected on the final price of the procedure.

Finally, the price of dental veneer procedure can be reduced significantly if your insurance company is willing to cover parts of the expenses. Moreover, there are cases where all expenses can be covered, presenting the best possible variant.

Composite Resin Veneers – a Good Choice?

This, cheaper alternative can prove to be quite good. The average durability of these veneers is up to 8 years. The procedure of making composite resin veneers can take place in the dental laboratory or directly onto your existing teeth. The main effect of this procedure eliminates stains, cracks, missing tooth parts or other imperfections. Additionally, it can be used for bridging excessive spaces between your teeth.

As for the price it ranges from $250 to $1,500 per tooth and the number of visits to the dentist is about 3.

The Better Alternative

The very best option in the world of dental veneers are the porcelain ones. These last for about 15 years. Yet, their price is much higher, going from $900 to $2000 per tooth. These veneers are made in the laboratory, by a professional ceramist or a dental technician. Porcelain veneers resemble your existing tooth perfectly, looking naturally and being of supreme durability.

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