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Cavity filling cost

Teeth decay is a normal and natural thing. Cavity filling process consists of two parts. In the first part the dentist removes the decay on the tooth. In the second he fills it with some protective material.

Cavity filling

Before finding out the price of a filling, a person should first find out what the actual process of filling is. Cavity filling is not a simple procedure and in order for it to be successful depends on the competancy of the dentist. Since there are a couple of types of filling materials, the price will depend on the chosen material as well.

Some of the filling materials are dental amalgams, composite resin and resin ionomer cement. The first one is constructed of silver-tin-copper alloy powder and liquid mercury. The second one is made of powdered glass and plastic resin, while the third one is made of glass and resin polymer and organic acid which is made tougher when exposed to a blue light. There is also porcelain, a ceramic filling as well. This particular one is made of glass-like material shaped into fillings. Porcelain fused to metal, nickel or cobalt-chrome alloys and gold alloy are the rest of the cavity filling materials.

Usual costs

The price depends on the severity of the decay and the number of surfaces that need to be filled.For instance, if there are two surfaces that are being filled with silver amalgam, the cost will range from $75 to even $160. On the other hand, the price for tooth-colored composite resin can go from $90 to $250 for just 2 surfaces. Dental insurance will cover only the full price of silver amalgam fillings and mere 50 to 80% of any composite fillings.

Additional costs

When a person goes to the dentist for the first time for an initial exam it may cost him from $20 to even $100. Usually an X-ray is done as well and that may be from $13 to $135. These exams are needed so that the dentist can see how severe the decay is. This must be done before the dentist can do a cavity filling procedure.


A person can check on the web for any nearby college clinics that are providing these services on decreased rates.

Shopping for a cavity filling

A person can look up a dentist on the internet and ask any questions on this topic as well.

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