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This procedure is performed in order to cement the temporarycrowns and for temporary fillings. Temporary dental cement can be used for several reasons such as temporaryfilling inserted prior putting a final filling and it can also be used to bondor cement a crown to the tooth's surface. This substance is very important forthe dentist, since it buys some time for the dentist, but it can also be usedfor other purposes and we will see which in the following lines, along with theneeded precautions.

Temporary Dental Cement for Crowns

As we have mentioned, this substance is mostly used for bonding the crown toprepared tooth. This is done temporarily and it can be used for two reasonstemporarily. First is the prevention of getting cut and chipping the surface ofthe prepared tooth. Crown will not place properly if the tooth is for somereason chipped. Buying time is the second reason why this temporary solution isdone.

Temporary Dental Cement for Fillings

Temporary cement can be used as a temporary filling, which is done for tworeasons. Tooth decay may be present and it can be close to the pulp or hot foodmay cause sensitivity, and these are some of the complaints that the dentist cantreat with temporary cement. The tooth has dentin and the calcium located inthe cement, which can help them to be rebuilt. This prohibits the caries to expand tothe surroundings.

Precautions to Take After Using Dental Cement

In order to secure the dental crown, there are several precautions that need tobe taken. Brittleness of the dental cement is due to its low strength, so thechance of fracturing the cement is high. So try to avoid biting at the side ofthe tooth filling. Also you will have to avoid biting hard on the side of thefilling or entirely if the filling is on the front teeth. You dislodge orfracture a filling if you bite hard items. You will also need to avoid chewinggum and eating other sticky food. Be gentle when flossing and brushing yourteeth, and never do this vigorously since you can dislodge the filling. Informyourself of the precaution measures so that you can securethe location of the filling.If you do not have dental insurance, there is over-the-counter dental cement that you can use, but be very careful with this self-treatment. It may have some veryserious consequences, so visiting a professional is the best solution for atooth problem.

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