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Dental Implants

The permanent teeth can be removed and unlike the primary, these cannot be replaced naturally by some other teeth. But there is a solution for the problem in the form of the dental implants. They use titanium and make the root, which looks like the root of the missing tooth and then it is placed so that it provides the support which was responsibility of the missing tooth. The dental implants replace the missing tooth and supports dentures, implant supported bridges, crowns and other dental prostheses. Another use of the dental implant is the replacement of the anchorage in the case of the orthodontic tooth movement. Appearance can be significantly improved with the help of the dental implants, which attach to the bone and cannot be moved after that. If the dentures have been placed improperly, the implants will eliminate this problem and thus improve the speech as well.

Permanent fixture causes great amount of discomfort, which can be avoided if you opt for the dental implants. Also, dental implants will help to avoid the pain felt while chewing food, which can be experienced if you wear dentures. Dental implants will bring the smile to your face and this smile may be the one you have always wanted, which will do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. Healthy teeth will not be touched during the procedure since there is no need for the tooth reduction. The oral health will be improved and you will be able to clean your teeth easier due to the access between the teeth. Flossing and brushing after the procedure can be done as usual, along with the dental checkups. The benefits of the dental implants can be present for the entire life if the procedure is done properly. They have 97% success rate and do not need any adhesive substance to keep them in place. The Removable dentures can be supported and thus secured due to the presence of dental implant as well.

The Procedure

A dentist will examine the jaw and the gums, which will help in making a treatment plan. There are certain options that can be taken into consideration and the restorative dentistry and oral surgery professionals will decide which option is best for your problem. The implant has a tooth root and it will be out in the bone of the area of the missing tooth. This will heal after 6 to 12 weeks and this is the time needed for the implant to become stable once the jawbone grows around the implant and once it is fixed. Then an abutment, which is a connector, will be placed and connected with the root and this is where the new tooth will be placed and attached. New tooth will be made from the impression taken before and the process completes with the attachment of the replacement tooth crown to the abutment. Local anesthesia is used during the procedure so you may feel mild soreness after the procedure, but the painkillers can take care of this problem.

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