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Losing weight and keeping fit is an important factor with regard to our overall bodily health and well being. It is important to keep some variety or entertainment in one's workout regime, which is why it might be worth considering a seven-day boot camp regime. Boot camp regimes can be highly intense and might involve commitment and daily exercise.

Types of exercise
One should be prepared to take part in five, thirty-minute cardiovascular sessions each week. You should pick the intensity and type of activity yourself. With regard to this, the best cardiovascular activities are cycling, jogging, walking, skipping, swimming or exercising along with a fitness class video. The more variety you add to your exercise regime, the more efficient and effective it might be. If you are just starting off with exercising, aim to do thirty minutes each day. The longer you keep to your regime and as your fitness increases, you can gradually increase the length of an individual workout.

Make sure to follow your boot camp plan for at least four weeks. This should be your target, as four weeks of daily exercise is no mean feat. Following a boot camp plan through the use of a fitness video or series for a few weeks or more can help one to add some spice and variety to your exercise regime.

With regard to the actual exercise regime, one should vary the type and amount of weight you lift during strength training. One should lift weights that are heavy enough to challenge you, but not heavy enough to cause injury. You should feel fatigued at the end of a set, but not so fatigued that you are unable to lift the weights without good form. If you are new to the world of weight training, some experimentation might be necessary in order to determine the correct weight for you. Be sure to track your progress as the weeks go buy. Note down any gains that you make. It might also be useful to keep track of the amount of time you are working out in order to be sure you are hitting your targets.

If you feel you cant perform any of the exercises, don’t be pressurized into doing so. Stick to what you can do. If necessary, modify your range of motion or lessen the heaviness of the weights. If you have to, simply skip the exercises that you feel you are unable to do.

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