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Tired From Doing Nothing

Being tired is a usual sensation for all of us. However, in order to be justified, tiredness has to come as a product of hard work, either physical or mental. We get tired after excessive exercising, running, jumping etc. Nevertheless, a hard day at the office drains all life energy from us although we have not been moving much. Lack of sleep can also make one feel tired at some point of the day. There are many reasons behind tiredness and most of them can fit into the previously mentioned groups. But, if you feel tired without any specific reasons, after sleeping enough and doing absolutely nothing afterwards, there might be some rather peculiar cases behind your tiredness, some more serious than the others.

Reasons Behind Reasonless Tiredness

The worst case scenario involves some diseases or other medical conditions as direct causes of the tiredness you feel. Heart problems, sleeping disorders, anxiety issues or even cancer can all act as the underlying triggers of constant fatigue. Additionally, hormonal problems may also cause this state. To make things even more complicated, sometimes, the very medications you use to treat certain conditions, may have tiredness as their side-effect. Therefore there are numerous medical conditions which may possibly cause tiredness, and thus it is best to seek medical attention and try to find out what is wrong with you, or is there something at all.

Secondly there comes the psychological issue. Namely, depression, anxiety as a direct product of it, and other emotional distresses add on to the list of possible causes of tiredness. These are all known to suck the life energy right out of a person making him or her feeling sad and desperate most of the time, without the strength and the will to make any positive changes. This troublesome stage usually takes place after death of somebody close to you or some unresolvable, emotionally stressful situations. Whichever the cause may be, a large percentage of people feeling tired all the time, feel that way because of psychological issues.

The next big thing is work dissatisfaction. People who work somewhere where they do not want to be every day, doing what they do not like to do, will definitely feel tired and depressed most of the time. This, combined with the issues of being underpaid, looked down upon, ordered around, humiliated and similar, only make the entire thing worse. Working under such conditions while neglecting your family, personal issues and plans as well as all other aspects of life, is not a healthy atmosphere to spend most of your time in, thus constant tiredness is the least to expect.

Finally, everyday habits and lifestyle may lead to tiredness. Namely, daily alcohol and drug abuse, oversleeping or hardly sleeping at all and some other issues may be guilty for your tiredness. Combined with malnutrition and lack of physical activity, it is not hard to realize that all these are more than enough for one to feel as if his or her entire strength and energy have been sucked dry.

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