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What is a Mild Depression?

Many people can be prone to this type of depression, or may live with it for a longer period of time without even noticing it. Nevertheless, the symptoms may be easily noticeable. Namely, reluctance of communication and socializing in general, followed with frequent sensation of fatigue and tiredness without reason, as well as forgetfulness, troubles with concentration and constant anxiety all serve as clear indicators of an early stage of depression. This stage, even though considered mild and easily treated, if neglected, can easily lead to more serious cases such as chronic and clinic depression.

Reasons Behind Mild Depression

There is a large possibility that hormones may be the reason for depression. If our hormone glands do not function correctly, adequate production of testosterone and estrogen may be altered, thus leading to imbalance, causing this condition.

Psychological factor is often the cause of mild depression. Endured traumas, or stressful lifestyles people lead daily, as well as suppressed painful emotions, all may lead to the development of some form of depression in time.

Most Frequent Indicators

Although depression manifests itself differently from one person to another, there are symptoms which are the most usual trademarks of it. Personality changes are certainly the most frequent ones. Depressed people tend to have a highly negative look upon the world, lack resolve or will to change anything for the better and prefer to live in the negative status quo. Additionally, they are prone to crying and sobbing, engaged quite abruptly. Fights and quarrels are not avoided by depressed people since anxiety and aggressiveness all present their major traits. Being shy and reluctant of new acquaintances adds on to this list of characteristics, as well as loss of interest in once cherished things. Finally, another clear indicator is their constant feeling of lack of time. Depressed people always seem to be late somewhere and never feel relaxed since they have this burden upon their minds.

Additional Signs of Mild Depression

Most of these regard self-esteem issues. Depressed people feel bad about themselves and their actions, most often describing themselves as failures. This feeling prevents them from doing anything other than existing inside the depression itself; thus the lack of strength and will. Forgetfulness, inability of concentrating and remembering things as well as lack of coherence and overall sense in spoken sentences go hand-in-hand with this condition as well.

Finally, sleep deprivation and sleeping disorders in general, along with the abrupt weight loss and lack of appetite close this circle of depression which tends to encompass a person and refuses to let go. People close to a person showing all of the signs mentioned above should give their best in order to return their beloved friend or family member onto the right track since depressed people most often do not have the strength nor the will power to save themselves.

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