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Characteristics of Drowsiness

Drowsiness is a state of being sleepyto the point of falling asleep completely. This condition is mostlyexperienced before bedtime and is considered normal in suchsituations. However, once a person starts feeling drowsy during theday, for no obvious reasons, this might be a problem. Even thoughdrowsiness during day time is unusual, it is quite common in peoplearound the world.

Reasons Behind Drowsiness

First of all, sometimes people,voluntarily or involuntarily, do not get enough sleep during thenight. This may be due to conditions like insomnia, anxiety orsimilar. Also, this may be caused by a person's unwillingness tosleep enough, due to working or lifestyle issues.

Secondly, one of the most common causesof day drowsiness is stress. Namely, leading hectic lifestyles mostof the time, modern people are not able to stop worrying aboutnumerous aspects of their lives. They are exposed to a significantamount of pressure, influencing their sleeping patterns, causingdisorders. Thus, people who are anxious, stressed, depressed orworried often, tend not to sleep well, reflecting this deficiencythrough their daily drowsiness.

Additionally, drowsiness may betriggered by a certain underlying illness. When we are sick, we tendto lose most of our energy due to our organism's fight with thecondition we are suffering from. Then, we are prone to feeling sleepyand tired most of the time. Furthermore, certain medications may bethe direct causes of one's drowsiness. Painkillers, antidepressants, and many others have this condition as their usual side-effect.

Finally, a person's lifestyle may bethe main cause behind this phenomenon. Closely connected to stress,when we study or read a lot, spending our time statically staring ina book or a computer screen, we tend to get tired. Mental activitydrains our energy as well, giving way to fatigue and drowsiness. Onthe other hand, boredom and lethargy have the same effect. Bad habitsdo not help at all. Therefore, alcoholism and drug abuse present someof the common causes of drowsiness during daytime.

What Can Be Done?

First and foremost, causes need to bediagnosed before taking any further measures. Once a person is awareof the reasons behind his or her drowsiness, he or she can starttaking steps to complete recovery. This may involve changingmedication, sleeping more, reducing stress, quiting bad habits orintroducing lifestyle changes. Once the cause has been removed, thedrowsiness will be gone as well.

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