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Morning tiredness

The busy kind of life a contemporary man leads can drain him of their energy, and some people even report that they feel tired as soon as they get up in the morning, or for the rest of the say, although they have actually slept and rested. There are situations when we expect to find ourselves to be fatigued. Those situations include physical exercise, sentimental stress or apathy, or sleep deprivation.

However, in some cases, there are no obvious triggers for constant, day-long, apparently uncalled-for tiredness. Of course, there simply has to be a reason below the surface. It can be some hidden psychological or physical problem. In case a person has no objective problems, eats healthily and is under relatively little stress, they definitely need to go visit their physician.

One of the ailments that can induce constant weariness is chronic fatigue symptom. With this condition the patient experiences tiredness, tenderness in the muscles, reduced memory performance and difficulties with focusing. Patients suffering from this condition are frequently diagnosed with reduced levels of cortisol in the morning. This hormone may be the one responsible for the fatigue this article is describing.

Typical culprits behind the tiredness

There is a set of typical culprits that are potentially to blame for the day-long tiredness some people feel. For example, some people sleep for too few hours. Some people experience troubles during sleep, or cannot even fall asleep. Plus, conditions like sleep apnoea and narcolepsy. On the other hand, some people are affected with psychological troubles that hinder their normal rhythm of sleeping.

Some other physiological troubles that can provoke different troubles with constant tiredness are anemia, complications with the thyroid gland. In addition, some people’s allergies can induce fatigue that burdens the sufferer throughout the entire day. It is easy to deduce the link between pain and fatigue.

What you should tell your doctor is the exact way your tiredness manifests itself. It could make a great difference whether your fatigue troubles you in the earlier stages of the day or during the entire day. For example, if the patient complains that their tiredness in present during the whole day, they might well be depressive.

Or, for instance, if a person complains about feeling no tiredness in the morning but suffers from it later in the day, the culprit may be some disorder of the thyroid gland. And, of course, bear in mind what drugs you are taking – some of them have side effects that involve the induction of persistent tiredness.

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