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Constant Tiredness Characteristics

Some people work more than the others,or are involved in the more activities which exhaust their bodies. It istherefore reasonable that these people will be more tired at the endof the day. When we work and use up most of our energy, our bodytells us that it is high time we slept, sat down or relaxed a bit. Itdoes this through the feeling of tiredness. This fatigue andtiredness is completely understandable and natural, easily treatablewith a good night's sleep.

However, if you are feeling tired allthe time, even though you have not done anything requiring seriousamounts of energy, something may be wrong. Moreover, if you are sotired that the only thing you do is spend time in your bed sleepingand awaking even more tired, then you most certainly have a problemin dire need of solving. So, one is to seek reasons behind his or herconstant tiredness and act timely in order to solve this potentiallyserious problem.

Manifestations of Constant Tiredness

People who endure this constant fatiguedaily may experience other symptoms as well. Constant headaches, painin joints and bones and disrupted sleeping patterns are just some ofthem. These people are unable to function correctly and areconstantly pestered by this troublesome state of affairs. They mightstop doing things they once enjoyed, regarding some sports, hobbiesor similar activities. All in all, their old selves are affected andexchanged with the current, lethargic, exhausted individual, unableto do anything in order to feel better.

Causes of Constant Tiredness

First and foremost, there come sleepingdisorders. Namely, people who feel tired most of their time, usuallyhave bad or insufficient sleep. This may be due to many differentfactors such as not sleeping more than 8 hours during the night orfrequently waking up during your sleep. This waking up may decreaseyour degree of sleep regeneration quite seriously. Inadequate bed orsheets, anxiety or uncomfortable sleeping clothes as well as manyother things, all influence your sleep negatively. On the other hand,sleeping more than you should has the same tiring effect on yourbody.

Additionally, lack of exercise andmalnutrition only add on to the list of possible causes. We need tobe physically active at least two times a week and be careful aboutwhat we eat, avoiding junk food and ensuring at least 5 small buthealthy meals during the day. Too much coffee is not a good thing aswell. Therefore, if you enjoy drinking it, drink it in moderation inorder for it not to interfere with your sleeping and well-being.

Finally, certain medications may havefatigue as their side-effect. Therefore, if you are taking somemedications on a daily basis, check the instructions for theseunwanted effects.

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