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The expression of nervous breakdown is widely used among people, but it is not a medical expression. It is used to explain the specific state where a person is dysfunctional emotionally and psychologically. This can appear due to different psychological conditions, and usually when the individual is exposed to stress for a long time, that is followed by so-called nervous breakdown. The person is unable to perform daily responsibilities, and it can develop signs of depression including episodes of crying, sad emotions and exhaustion. Individual can experience low self-esteem, thinking that he or she is not worthy, and there can be changes in body weight, either decrease or increase. Also sleeping disorder may occur and sometimes even a loss of capability to move, known as catatonic posturing. This can lead to severe consequences if not treated, therefore if you feel any of the signs, contact your doctor. There is a variety of psychiatric conditions related to nervous breakdown. Those are: panic attacks and anxiety conditions of any kind, depression, psychotic illnesses, bipolar disorder, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Signs and Symptoms

If you recognize signs of nervous breakdown on time, like anxiety, sadness and panic attacks, you will be able to stop the appearance of the condition. Therefore, it is important to find out how to cope with stress in order to help yourself. There are some changes in lifestyle which may help you to deal with these symptoms, and further more to enrich your own personality and feel even better. The usual physical signs of this condition are problems with sleeping, problems with stool, strong headaches, decreased sex drive, irregular periods, tiredness, anxious feelings, feelings of fear, emotional overeating or eating less than usual. There are also some emotional signs of nervous breakdown such as urge to cry, feeling of worthlessness, guilt, anxious feelings, and loss of interest for social contacts, hallucinations, alcohol or substance abuse, thoughts about harming yourself or suicide thoughts. Also, violent behavior, odd behavior and sudden mood changes can be present. Rarely psychotic disorders can appear and it means that the individual is no longer in reality. Person can see things that are not there, hear voices, speak strange and be obsessed that someone is trying to harm her or him.


Nervous breakdown can be caused by some stressful event in life. Distresses like loss of person we loved, breakdown with partner, stressful working environment and problems with finances can result in nervous breakdown. There is also hereditary factor that can be the cause of this condition. This condition should be treated and luckily today we have a variety of treatments that are successful in curing this condition. There are different psychotherapies and medications which are helpful.

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