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Cracked Tongue Characteristics

Many people have experienced this condition. Namely, it manifests through the appearance of small or large cracks on the surface of one's tongue. The cracks may be differing in quantity and may appear in different places on the tongue. Nevertheless, they are known to cause discomfort and make a person feel awkward, although they rarely present somethingdangerous.

Reasons Behind a Cracked Tongue

There are various opinions regarding the cause of this condition. However, none of them have been completely proven making cracked tongue quite a mystery. According to these medical opinions, the following reasons may be behind cracks appearing on a person's tongue.

First of all, it is thought that a direct injury may cause this phenomenon. We might hurt our tongue while eating, rubbing it on a broken or sharp tooth etc. Thus, every continuous exposure to irritation or injury may lead to the eventual development of cracks on one's tongue.

Alternatively, some people say that this is an inborn trait, thus being a normal appearance of an individual's tongue.

Also, some tongue conditions may have cracks as their side-effect. Furthermore, some conditions may not involve cracks at all, but rather a case of discoloration looking similar to cracks of fissures.

Finally, stress, anxiety as well as some habits like grinding teeth may all cause this condition. Malnutrition concerning eating spicy food may present an underlying cause as well. Sometimes, the cracks are created by our tongue's recovery from blisters or swelling, being a temporary side-effect.

Manifestation of a Cracked Tongue

As mentioned above, the appearance of fissures or crack is the most usual symptom. Nevertheless, it may be accompanied with pain, irritation and discomfort. The worst case scenarios even involve small pieces of food getting stuck in the cracks themselves. This may lead to unpleasant odors in one's breath and mouth. Also, bacteria and other microorganisms may inhabit these food filled cracks, breeding there and causing infections.

Possible Treatment

This condition rarely presents a significant problem. Therefore, by maintaining a proper oral hygiene, you may rest assured that nothing bad will happen. If pain and irritation remain persistent, or swelling and blisters occur, as well as in all cases of additional abnormalities regarding one's tongue, it is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This way, tests can be done in order to rule out any likely diseases, establish a proper diagnosis and start a successful treatment.

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