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Feeling of Tiredness

There are many people who feel tired after the everyday activities. You can feel tired in the any part of the day and it can occur when you least expect it. Just when you think you have everything under control, you start to have a feeling of an extreme tiredness and you start wondering what caused it. Well, playing some sport or various exercises can make you feel very tired at the end of the day.


There is a variety of causes of an extreme tiredness, such as various medical problems, emotional concerns and stress or lifestyle. Before starting with a treatment of the feeling of an extreme tiredness, you should determine the real reason of it and only then you should consult a doctor regarding the appropriate treatment.

Many medical conditions can make you feel tired and trigger fatigue. People who suffer from hormonal imbalance, cancer, heart ailments or flue are prone to this feeling. You can also feel tired due to some disorders like restless leg syndrome or insomnia, but the use of certain medications can make you feel extremely tired as well. Those medications are usually used to treat depression, anxiety attacks or various chronic illnesses.

There are a lot of people who face the stressful situations everyday, which is the main reason of the feeling of an extreme tiredness. You go home happy and you feel good, but your worries from the inside start to make you feel tired. You worry about the project you are about to launch, or about your child having bad marks at school. Sometimes, people who are grieving or are stressed too much may start feeling extremely tired and for those people it can be very difficult to fall asleep or have a good sleep. It is important to know that you should always go to bed relaxed and without worries if you want to get a nice sleep without feeling tired, sick and heavy in the morning. There are some helpful activities that can help you relax before going to bed and they include doing yoga exercises, meditation, listening to relaxing music, taking a warm bath or having soft sheets and a good mattress.

You can also feel extremely tired if you have an unhealthy lifestyle and in such case, you need to change your eating and sleeping habits to reduce the tiredness. Taking drugs, smoking or consuming alcohol can also be one of the possible reasons of the feeling of an extreme tiredness. You need to start having a good sleep and possibly try to exercise as much as you can. Once you start leading a healthy lifestyle, you will not only reduce tiredness, but you will also feel and look vibrant, fresh, positive and better.

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