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The Most Common Side Effect of Life

Modern way of living has brought many advancements to human beings. However, it has also introduced numerous complications and difficulties. Having that said, it is not a secret that exhaustion, or fatigue, is the most common enemy of the modern people. Stress at work, as well as physical straining all lead to the state of both mental and physical exhaustion. Exhaustion in general, is a feeling of extreme tiredness and inability to continue any physical or mental actions. While physical exhaustion mainly leads to lack of strength regarding continuing the action, mental causes one to sleep for longer periods of time, unable to function correctly. Nevertheless, exhaustion should not be looked upon as an illness of sorts since it is not. Rather it is a condition caused by numerous factors regarding one's lifestyle.

Possible Causes and Symptoms

As far as causes are concerned, there are many. Stress and overindulgence in physical activity are the main ones. Other than these, sleeping deficiency or disorders, malnutrition and some health conditions like flu or migraine may all trigger exhaustion. Additionally, people with too much time on their hands, spending it in boredom and lack of physical exercise lead way to depression which may cause serious cases of both physical and mental exhaustion. Finally, alcohol, drug or caffeine abuse add on to the list, including some medications having exhaustion as their side-effect.

When and Why Is a Reaction Necessary?

This mainly depends on the length of constant tiredness. Namely, if this unfortunate feeling stops you from functioning properly for a period longer than two weeks, you should seek medical attention, since there is a high likelihood that an underlying disease is behind the fatigue. Numerous illnesses including anemia, diabetes, blood, heart, and kidney problems, may all be behind this condition. Finally, you may be suffering from a chronic fatigue syndrome, if constantly bothered by unbearable tiredness.

How to Treat Exhaustion?

In most cases a change of lifestyle is an absolute must. Those who lead stressful lives should work on getting more relaxed and easy-going, while those who work excessively should find time to rest. Of course, if an illness is behind the fatigue, it should be treated before anything else, since there is a great possibility that the tiredness will cease along with the underlying condition. Quitting smoking, alcohol or drug abuse goes without saying, since one may not lead a normal life when addicted to these. Finally, improve your lifestyle and pay more attention about what you eat and drink, since, often, malnutrition and bad lifestyle habits are the main reason behind the lack of energy causing exhaustion.

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