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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from anxiety disorder. There are several types of anxiety and social anxiety is one of them. A person who suffers from social anxiety is suffering from a chronic mental condition which causes irrational anxiety or fear of activities or situations in which a person believes that others are watching and judging him or her. A person with this disorder is in constant fear that he or she will embarrass him or herself.

There are various symptoms and signs that show if a person is suffering from social anxiety. These signs can be emotional, behavioral and physical.

Some of the most common behavioral and emotional signs of social anxiety are intense fear in situations in which a person does not know the people around him or her, fear of any situations in which he or she may be judged and worry of embarrassment and judgment. A person may even fear that others will notice that he or she is looking anxious. People with this disorder will also avoid situations where they might be the center of attention or speak with people in order to avoid being embarrassed.

Physical symptoms are more visible and some of the most common are blushing, excessive sweating, shaking, nausea, upset stomach, shaky voice and difficulty talking, muscle tension, confusion, palpitations, diarrhea and clammy hands.

Apart from these symptoms, a person may also experience low self-esteem, trouble being assertive, negative self-talk, hypersensitivity and poor social skills.

Worrying about having symptoms

A lot of people with social anxiety know that certain situations can cause the symptoms to appear. Because of that people tend to worry about showing the symptoms and that can only make the symptoms worse.

When to see the doctor?

A person who is not bothered with the fears and anxieties is in no need of a treatment. Some people do not like to give speeches, but they do so anyway without being overwhelmed with anxiety. A person whose daily activities are disrupted by anxiety should go and seek medical advice. Some of the everyday experiences that may be troublesome for people with social anxiety are using a public restroom, returning items to a store, talking with strangers, writing in front of others, making eye contact, ordering food in a restaurant, being introduced to strangers and initiating conversations.

People need to know that it is uncommon to feel anxious in certain situations and from time to time. However, a person who cannot control these fears and experiences them quite often should seek medical help. There are treatments which can help. People who go to the hospital will undergo both physical and psychological tests in order for the triggers to be determined.

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