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Paranoia is a mental illness that causes the patient to feel as something bad is happening. Furthermore, the patient feels that some other people deliberately cause that something bad happens, but most often these thoughts in a paranoiac patient are excessive and unsupported. Paranoia is often a fear of physical, psychological, social and financial harm.

Causes of paranoia

There are many potential causes of paranoia. A cause of paranoia may be homosexual frustration. Freud also said that patients who suffer from the disease are repressed about their tendencies toward homosexual love. However, this Freud's claim is not considered as mandatory and correct or true in most cases, which means that homosexual frustration is not the cause of paranoia in all patients.

Most psychologists believe that the main cause of paranoia is the feeling of inferiority, which is the consequence of failure, revulsion and guilt feelings. Some psychologists, on the other hand, think that the emotional complex is the cause of paranoia. However, they consider that the emotional complex may be the cause for some other diseases. Furthermore, it can also occur in normal persons. It is also believed that there are some types of personalities which are more predisposed to suffer from paranoia than others. For example, a person who is sentimental, jealous, suspicious, ambitious, selfish, and lazy, he/she can soon develop paranoia than some other types of personalities.

The causes of paranoia can be stress and a big change in the life of a person. Also, if a person has difficult relations at home and at work, he/she is more likely to become isolated and prone to paranoia. Furthermore, the sense of anxiety and depression, as well as other negative emotions, such as certain big concerns, can lead to paranoia. Some strange feelings can lead to paranoia, as well. For example, a sense of threat, or if a person feels strange and exciting due to a stress, both may be potential cases that leads to the development of paranoia.

Sleeplessness and insomnia are also some of the causes of this condition. If the person is under stress; he/she often has a sense of anxiety and irritability and because of that negative thoughts appear. This can lead to paranoia and feeling that some unpleasant things are deliberately caused by others. Therefore, stress and paranoia induce a sense that the man is in danger from other people. Paranoia can be inherited, as well. The causes of paranoia are not physical and ill person does not show any signs of physical deformity. Also, often the cause of paranoia is not only one, but a combination of several causes.

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