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Information on Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is a condition in which the hair appears the oily, land, stringy or flat and it is very hard to control and style. Greasy hair may be caused by numerous different factors but it is always associated with an increased production of sebum.

Sebum is a natural substance whose purpose is to make the hair soft, supple and waterproof and it comes from the sebaceous glands. The intensity of greasiness depends on the amount of oil that can be found on the scalp.

Sometimes the greasy hair may be affiliated with certain types of hormonal changes in the human body as well. If greasy hair does not get treated on time it may lead to some other medical conditions such as dandruff, scalp breakouts and in some cases even hair loss. Greasy hair can also be associated with certain skin problems and disorders such as scalp acne or face acne.

Greasy hair can be greasy from roots to ends in some cases, while in other cases it may also involve greasy scalp and roots with dry hair from below roots all the way to its ends.

Causes of Greasy Hair

One of the most common causes of greasy hair is one’s genetic predisposition for greasy hair and an oily scalp. Greasy hair may also be the result of an improper hair care which may involve the use of certain hair care products that can be harmful.

Irregular and inconsistent hair care and cleansing may result in the accumulation of certain harmful substances which may lead to the development of greasy hair.

There are also certain cases in which a person has greasy hair but does not have a greasy scalp. That may mean that a person uses hair care products which do not fit the specific hair type or that a person simply uses certain hair care products in excessive amounts. Unfortunately, greasy hair can be hereditary which means that it is almost impossible to decrease the production of oil.

When a person tries to get rid of the grease in some inadequate manner the situation usually only gets worse. Perspiration can contribute to the problem as well.

Other harmful factors may include makeup, smog, environmental toxic substances and smoke. It is easier to control greasy hair on the longer strands than it is on the short or medium ones. Grease builds up much faster on shorter hair. The thinner the hair it will cause more trouble as well.

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