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Greasy Hair

Numerous people suffer from frequentlygreasy hair. Namely, they experience their hair to be sticky, wetlooking and greasy even though they have washed it the previous day.The reason behind this is quite simple; the sebaceous glands, whichare in charge of distributing and producing oil for our skin, getoveractive. The more of this oil that is created results in our hair's greasiness. Fortunately, this problem is not sohard to solve all you need to do is make some cosmetic andlifestyle changes.

Tips and Tricks For Greasy HairPrevention

First of all, there are numerousdifferent reasons behind this condition. Greasy hair may be genetic problem.However, it can be caused by stress, anxiety, physical and mentalexhaustion, diet imbalances or excessive consumption of food high infat, or the use of inadequate hair hygiene cosmetics.

Considering the things mentioned above,you need to introduce some changes in your life to resolve or control the problem. If you are not already, youshould start using shampoos made for your hair type by doing so you will be able to wash your hair more often and thereby make itfresh and grease-free. You wash your hair quickly,minimizing the duration the shampoo is on your hair.

While washing your hair, you need toavoid rubbing it too aggressively and avoid ever using baby shampoos which stimulate oil production. You should notwash your hair with very hot water and never wash it more than once.When you finish washing, make sure you do not dry it by rubbing itforcefully with your towel, rather tap it gently and leave it to dryon its own. If you need to use a hair dryer, keep it far from theroot of your hair and use low-heat modes of drying so as not todamage the hair.

You can massage your hair roots beforeapplying shampoo in order to stimulate blood circulation in yourscalp. Additionally, once you finish washing your hair, you canexpose it to cold water so as to close the pores on your head.

As for alternative remedies, you mightconsider creating a hair mask by using green powder clay, water andvinegar. Once creating a paste, apply it onto your hair, keep for 10minutes and wash with warm water and shampoo. Also, essential oilsare excellent for grease removal so you might consider adding severaldrops to your shampoo. Finally, use only plastic or wooden combs andavoid the metal ones. Take good care of your nutrition and overalllifestyle and avoid stress, taking good care of your hair.

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