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Jojoba is akind of a bush which is widely popular for its oil which is received from theseeds of jojoba. The interesting thing about is that in the technical sense of word, jojoba oil is actually a kind of a liquid wax. What’s most strikingabout the jojoba oil is that it has an extraordinary ability to provide moistand that’s why it’s included in a number of cosmetic products that take care ofthe skin and hair.

However,perhaps to state that jojoba oil is simply included in a number of hair careproducts might be an understatement, because not only is it included, but itis, in fact, the essential part of the majority of shampoos and hairconditioners. This is mostly because its ability to moisturize the hair and thescalp has some similarities to the effects of sebum, which is the kind of oilthat’s received from the sebaceous gland and helps preserve the flexibility ofthe hair.

Thebeneficial effects of jojoba oil to the hair and scalp

And while theresemblance of the jojoba oil to the sebum is a good thing, the sebaceous glandsometimes tends to release too much sebum, leading to a number of side effects,from dandruff, to hair loss and the good old oily hair and scalp. What happenshere is that the sebum basically blocks the so-called hair follicles. This iswhere jojoba oil kicks in and what it does is that it manages to decrease theamount of sebum being released from the sebaceous glands, and yet at the sametime, it makes up for any lack of moisture that may arise.

However,hair or no hair, the jojoba oil is also welcome to be used for the scalpitself. Its sanitizing effects are able to thoroughly cleanse the scalp thefollicles where the sebum might have accumulated.

Finally,jojoba oil does not necessarily have to be connected to the washing of thehair, and it can also be used for the massage of the scalp. Not only does thisdo marvels for the blood circulation, but it also helps the growth of thefollicles.

How canjojoba oil help with hair growth?

The methodwhich is used to help the hair grow is called the hot oil treatment. What thistreatment entails is warming up the oil and massaging the scalp with it. Whenthat’s done, the oil is to be left on the hair for about an hour after which thehair is rinsed gently, but thoroughly.

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