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We have to make our skin look as best as possible, and thiscan be achieved if we know which skin type is our skin. But this may be a bitdifficult to determine and many people are unable to do this. The texture is thefactor according to which the skin types are divided. There are certain productsthat need to be used for certain skin type, and it is absolutely necessary for usto know which skin type we have and which products to get.

Female skin is 20% softer than the male skin because of the collagen levels.Other differences include easer sweating, richer blood supply, larger exposedpores and oilier skin, and they are some of the features of the male skin. Femaleskin does not have these qualities. When we talk about the skin types, thereare five of them and they are sensitive skin, combination skin, oily skin, dryskin and normal skin.

Normal Skin: We will start with the normal skin, which has smooth surface and fine texture.It is not greasy, but it is moist due to the good balance of moisture contentsand oil. Also, it has no blemishes, spots and it is clear, has even skin toneand small pores, which are barely visible and fine.

Dry Skin: We move on to the dry skin, which flakes easily and looks parched. Also, linesand wrinkles easily appear on such skin because of the fact this skin producessebum in insufficient amount and it cannot retain moisture. This skin agesfaster and suffers from numerous problems in cold weather. There are severalprotection products that need to be used constantly on this skin and one ofthem is moisturizer.

Oily Skin: This greasy skin is a result of an over secretion of the sebum. This oil thengathers dirt from the surroundings, which is why this skin will need a very deep cleansing.There are several problems that may be experienced due to this skin, such asunclear skin, pimples, spots, white heads and black heads.

Combination Skin: This combination of dry and oily skin is the most common type. People with thisskin have some areas that are dry, while others are oily, especially on the face.Chin, nose and forehead are some of the locations on which a greasy panel mayappear. This panel may appear on the area surrounding the mouth and eyes andthe cheeks. This panel is named T-Zone and it needs appropriate treatment andcare. There are special products for these panels.

Sensitive Skin: This is the last type that responds to the climate very easily. Shavingcreams, perfumes, sun, soap, extreme temperatures, threading, waxing andbleaching can irritate this skin. Chemicals found in these products can lead to some problems, so try to avoid them, along with hair dyes.

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