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Dandruffand Hair Loss

Dandruffis a common condition, affecting around 40 percent of the world'spopulation at any time. While all skin sheds dead cells constantly,there is sometimes a build-up on the scalp of white scales. Althoughnot harmful in the slightest, dandruff can cause emotional anxiety.Dandruff sufferers will prefer to wear light coloured clothing toprevent dandruff from showing up on their shoulders to avoidembarrassment. Dandruff also causes skin irritation and inflammation.

Dandruffand hair loss are related, but one is not the cause of the other.Instead, they are coincidental in that dandruff sufferers tend toscratch the inflamed skin on the scalp, thereby weakening the rootsof the hair and causing the hair to fall out.

Causesof Dandruff

Thereare many reasons for a person to develop dandruff, most relativelycommon and minor. The main cause is the fungus 'mallazesia globosa'which can affect anyone and everyone. Extensive use of damaging haircare products is another major cause for dandruff, although hormoneimbalance and humidity levels can be factors too. Consuming foodscontaining too much fat or sugar can also lead to dandruff, as canoverexposure to the sun, perspiration or an infrequency of scalpcleansing. Some people are simply genetically predisposed to sufferfrom dandruff, while others can blame stress.

Treatmentfor Dandruff

Luckilyfor the many sufferers out there, there are quite a few treatments toprevent or cure dandruff (as long as the problem is not genetics).Anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners are the logical first step;these are specifically designed to kill the fungi that cause dandruffusing chemicals like selenium sulphide and zinc pyrithione. Thesechemicals remain on the scalp after washing, inhibiting the growth ofthe fungi on the skin, thereby preventing dandruff from reappearing.For more serious cases that are not completely treated by theseshampoos, a dermatologist consultation may be required to determinethe cause and begin appropriate treatment.

Certainhome remedies can be beneficial in reducing or eliminating dandruffproblems. Some simple precautions to take into consideration includebeing sure to thoroughly rinse the hair with water after shampooingto remove any excess harsh chemicals. Adding peppermint oil toshampoo has yielded positive results in the past too. Do not overusehair products, as these can damage the hair and the scalp skin andcause an inflammation that can lead to dandruff. Avoid scratching thescalp, either with fingernails, combs or hairbrushes. This will causehair loss as well as scalp inflammation. Daily massaging of the scalpwith some warmed coconut oil can also prove beneficial, as cankeeping the hair and scalp well moisturised and carefullyconditioned. Strangely enough, egg whites applied to the scalp for anhour before shampooing makes for a wonderful hair conditioner.Essential oils can help prevent bald patches due to hair loss fromscratching or the like.

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