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Jojoba shrubs are native to hot and dry regions of the world. Natural compounds of jojoba oil are beneficial to people's skin.

Wax esters contained in jojoba oil are similar to those of the skin. Through aging skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry and wrinkled because of less lipids responsible for important biological functions in the body. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed, moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and smooth.

Jojoba is not greasy and can mix easily with the skin's sebum, an oily substance that moisturizes skin. Certain minerals like lanolin, petrolatum can close pores, cause inflammation and incite the growth of microbes which as a consequence have an off-putting odor and bad skin. Jojoba has the quality of allowing the pores to breathe, supplying the skin with water and controlling moisturizing. The effects of jojoba are long-lasting and widely recognized.

Jojoba regulates and improves the texture of the skin. It is easily rubbed onto the skin and from the starts shows its benefits visible not only on the skin but also on hair. Skin is not only more shiny and oily, but is rather pleasant to the touch, moisturized and feels smooth and healthy. Jojoba oil is also helpful in slightly reducing wrinkles.

With aging, the sebum is produced less which affects hair. Brittleness and bad quality of a hair are the signs of bad hair that needs to be treated with Jojoba. Jojoba helps hair restore natural shine. On the other hand, if sebum is overly produced, follicles are blocked resulting also in dry, lifeless hair with split ends. Jojoba also regulates the oily hair and destroys all the bad chemicals from air and substances from hair products which can badly affect hair.

Radicals are harmful to one's health so there are a lot of products to reduce these effects. Jojoba's elements (ester) stabilize oxidation so no anti-oxidants are needed. It can last for along time and remains stable without odors and without losing antioxidant qualities.

Jojoba is perfectly safe for the skin and has been tested number of times. It has been widely known that it has only beneficialeffects and causes no allergic reactions on the skin, eye or head. Its safety has also been proven by conducting some researches where certain bacteria could not develop in Jojoba oil.

Jojoba's softening and relaxing effect, thermal stability, quality of preventing microbes from entering are all the reasons why it can be found in various medical, cosmetic and other products throughout the world.

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