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Hair loss is very stressful for both genders, particularly for women. The hair can fall off without additional symptoms and in some cases there is an accompanying itchy sensation of the affected area. It is essential to establish the actual cause of itchy scalp and hair loss and with the proper treatment prevent further progression of the disease. In some cases the lost hair can regrow and sometimes the hair loss is permanent leaving certain parts of the scalp completely bald.What are Causes of Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss?

In some people excess of oil secreted by the glands of the scalp may lead to itchy scalp and hair loss. This oil is medically known a sebum. Its role is protective (sebum protects the follicle shaft and supply with all the necessary nutrients). In case production of sebum is increased the scalp becomes inflamed and itchy. The affected skin is covered in flakes. Secondary bacterial infection of the scratched and damaged skin increases the risk for hair loss.

Itchy scalp and hair loss can be also caused by certain ingredients found in shampoos, hair dyes and chemical products used in hair care. These ingredients may irritate the scalp and if used long enough they are able to induce hair loss.

One more cause of itchy scalp and hair loss is fungal infection of the scalp. This condition is also known as tinea capitis. It develops due to infection caused by Dermatophytes in the Trichophyton and Microsporum genera. These infective agents invade the hair shaft and cause formation of a single or multiple patches of hair loss.

One more dermatological condition responsible for itchy sensation and hair loss is scalp psoriasis. It features with intensive and uncontrollable itchiness, formation of red skin patches and temporary baldness.

Even stubborn dandruff can be associated with itchy scalp and hair loss. And finally, in some people these two problems may result from stress. If a person has been under lot of stress he/ she may develop itchiness of the scalp and suffer from hair loss.

How to Deal with Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss?

If scalp itchiness and hair loss develop due to aggressive shampoos and hair care products they should be replaced with milder products which do not cause irritation of the scalp. Medical conditions such as scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis require proper treatment and once the disease is brought under control lost hair will regrow again. Fungal and bacterial infections are treated with an appropriate medications (antibiotics and antifungal drugs).

One is due to maintain proper hygiene of the scalp. Furthermore, additional help can be obtained from vitamin or mineral supplements (e.g. B group of vitamins, folic acid etc). Patients suffering from problems with hair loss and itchy scalp are due to have well-balanced diet rich in proteins and antioxidants. And finally, by managing stress one can overcome problem of itchy scalp and hair loss.

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