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Most people affiliate “low fat” with foods which are boring,bland and tasteless, but fortunately enough, it is not always necessarily so.One just needs a little bit of imagination and creativity to create meals whichare both low fat and delicious at the same time. Not all types of fat are thesame. There are certain fats that need to be avoided and those includesaturated fats and hydrogenated trans fats. Mono unsaturated fats andpolyunsaturated fats are the ones which are considered healthy and they can beobtained by consuming corn, soy, olive or safflower oil. Omega 3 fatty acidsare also highly beneficial.

Tips for Low Fat Cooking

Vegetables should be microwaved or steamed in a steamer.Meat should be lean, without any fat. All food items should be baked, boiled orbroiled. Cooking sprays and stocks should be used as a substitute for oil.Vegetables sauces should replace the creamy ones. Herbs and spices can be usedto enhance the taste of all dishes. Whole wheat should be used as a substitutefor the white bread. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables shouldgreatly improve the person’s overall diet and reduce the intake of harmfultypes of fat.

Easy Low Fat Recipes

Chicken with bell pepper is one such recipe. One should takea tablespoon of olive oil and cook a diced onion in it. A few slices of chickenbreast need to be added later on, and spiced up with a tablespoon of soy sauceand a few slices of bell pepper. Low fat pork chops are another great recipe.One should take 6 pieces of pork chops and season them with a tablespoon ofgarlic powder. An egg needs to be beaten in a bowl so it can be mixed in withflour and 2 cups of breadcrumbs, and then the pork chops get covered with allthat. The chops need to be fried on 2 tablespoons of olive oil, before they aresprayed with canola cooking spray and a mixture of low fat milk, mushroom soupand white wine. Quick crab salad is another great recipe and all it takes arecrab meat, celery, salad dressing, black pepper, salt and green onions. Eggplant bake is another awesome dish. Andfor dessert, one can prepare yogurt and fruit sherbet. It only requires somevanilla flavored yogurt, some crushed pineapple juice, chopped peaches,strawberries and cherries. All the ingredients just need to be blended in ablender.

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