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Liver Cleanse

The focus of this text will be recipes that can be used for removing toxins from your liver. Several very important functions are performed by the liver. It produces biochemicals that are needed for the detoxification and digestion, it synthesizes the proteins and has numerous other functions. But, the liver also gathers toxins and gallstones, which have to be removed from the liver. We will see which easy-to-make recipes are available for this purpose. The first part of the liver cleanse is the colon cleanse, because it cannot take place if residual substances are located in the body. If the colon cleanse is not performed, the liver cleanse can have the opposite effect and cause aggravation of the problem, as well as the strain on the liver. Remember that fresh foods are needed for these recipes. Since, some discomfort can be felt, they can be avoided by making recipes on weekend nights. We will give you two recipes and know that the second one is a much more effective and stronger.

Recipe with Grapefruit

During weekend mornings, this recipe should be consumed and it is good to include some light exercises after consuming this liver cleanse recipe. It may speed up the process of toxin removal. This recipe has only natural ingredients so side effects cannot occur due to this food. For the preparation of this recipe you will need 2 large grapefruits, 2 fresh garlic cloves, 4 average sized lemons, 300ml of distilled/filtered water, 2 inches of fresh ginger root, 1 tablespoon of acidophilus and 2 tablespoons of Udo's choose or cold pressed flax oil. Mix the grapefruit and lemons in a blender, grate garlic and ginger and then the juice should be squeezed out. Then insert acidophilus powder, flax oil/Udo's choice and water, and start blending for 30 seconds. The second is a natural liver cleanse recipe. For preparation, you will need half a tablespoon of finely chopped garlic, half a spoon of finely chopped ginger, half a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and half a cup of olive oil. Put every ingredient in a blender and mix. After 30 second mixing, the juices should be strained and chilled in the refrigerator. Drinking of this mixture takes place before the sleep, but you should never go to sleep straight after drinking this mix. Wait for 5 minutes and then go to sleep. This needs to be repeated for three nights in a row. All of the mentioned recipes will be very beneficial of the liver. Gallstones will be removed along with toxins and fat, the bile flow will be normalized and the liver tissue will regenerate.

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