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Herpes in the mouth

Even those who are not that well informed with regards to this illness, know that its mouth variety is sexually transmittable. But another fact that does require keeping in touch with the latest of information is that the ailment in the question befalls thousands of people inhabiting the North American soil, and does so on a yearly basis.

Ailment revealed

The illness in question is regarded as a viral infection whose primary targets are mucocutaneous membranes located in the person’s body. As mentioned above, it belongs to the category of diseases that are transmitted via specific variety of sexual intercourse, and there exist two different types, that being the oral herpes and the genital herpes respectively. But in case of the herpes that occurs in the person’s mouth, there actually isn’t much difference in the treatment method and it resembles the one employed in curing the genital herpes.

Things to watch out from

The main villain responsible for the occurrence of herpes is known under the name of Herpes simplex virus. The illness itself can be brought about either by HSV1 or HSV2. However, regarded as the main culprit in the greatest majority of cases is actually the HSV1 variety. The disease itself can be contracted from a person who is already suffering from it, and via sexual intercourse, i.e. in case one person has oral sex with the already infected person, and in case one person kisses another who also already suffers from mouth herpes, since the virus affects the other person by means of saliva interchange.

Manifestations to pay attention to

When it comes to this variety of the herpes, the virus incubation period is set to approximately two days all the way to one week. But manifestations can become visible even before the incubation period is over, all depending on the strength of the person’s immune system. Regarded as the most frequently occurring manifestation are oral blisters/cold sores. Also, these blisters have the tendency to merge and thus form one big ulcer. But what is even more unpleasant is that the cold sores can also occur on more visible spots such as the person’s lips and the inner cheek. But the most affected spots are considered to be the tongue and the palate.

Many may find themselves utterly disappointed, but one and most effective remedy for herpes is not known. In addition, and unfortunately, given the nature of viral infections and dormant characteristics of viruses, it is impossible to cure it and ward off virus for good. Solutions that can provide relief and prolonged effect are anti-viral medications, diet that abounds in antioxidants and vitamins and hydration. 

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