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Yeast infection

Yeast infection is one of the most common infectionsthat can occur in the human body. It can appear in women and in men, although women are much more susceptible to this disorder. Yeast infection is a condition that is caused bythe fungus under the name Candida albicans and this infection is also well-knownunder the names fungal infection, thrush and candidiasis.

The fungus that is responsible for the occurrence ofthis infection is naturally present in our body, particularly in the mouth andin the genital areas, and when it is kept under control it is not dangerous. However,for several reasons Candida albicans start to produce themselves inenormous amounts, thus leading to the appearance of the infection. The most frequent causes for the occurrence of thisinfection are excessive use of antibiotics, birth control pills, and chemotherapy.Furthermore, the excessive consummation of sugar may also trigger the yeastinfection.

Yeast infection can be divided into two types: oralyeast infection or oral thrush, and genital yeast infection or vaginal/penile yeast infection.

Symptoms of oral yeast infection

The oral yeast infection is much easier to benoticed and diagnosed than the genital yeast infection. The oral thrush canappear in men as well as in women and the most obvious sings of this infection are creamywhite lesions that usually can be seen on tongue, gums and in the surroundingarea in the inside of the mouth. Sometimes these white lesions may even bleed slightly.The person that is infected may also have difficulty while swallowing orchewing. Furthermore, the feeling that something is stuck in the mouth or thecracking in the corners of the mouth may also occur. Another symptom of oralyeast infection is also the loss of taste and even the loss of appetite.

Symptoms of the vaginal yeast infection

Vulvovaginal candidiasis is the medical term for thevaginal yeast infection. The symptoms of this infection usually appear severaldays before the menstrual period and the most frequent is heavy vaginaldischarge which is cheese-like. The infected woman may also experience burningsensation in vagina or itching and even the pain in vagina, although in many cases eventhe pain during the sexual intercourse may occur.

Symptoms of penile yeast infection

The most common symptoms of the penile yeastinfection are itching and pain in the area around the penis and white dischargefrom the penis. In many men, cracked skin is also a sign that they are infectedby yeast infection. As in women, the infected men may also have painful sexualintercourse.

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