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Head related aches
Just like many disorders, conditions and illnesses, headaches as well vary not only in duration, but also in the area that they have the tendency to affect, and also by the amount of pain they tend to cause. Due to a quite elusive nature and overlap in general symptoms, headaches are pretty difficult to differentiate properly, but this is, of course, extremely important when it comes to treating them. For, once you know the cause, the most effective remedy is much easier to find and implement. Therefore, one should always first visit the doctor or a specialist in case he/she is befallen by any of the numerous and unpleasant headache varieties.
In continuation, one can find a list of those most frequently reported and encountered headache varieties. They include:
MigrainesMuscle contraction headaches, i.e. acute tension type headachesChronic daily headachesCluster headachesIce pick, i.e. ice cream headaches
Sinister headaches, which include such as meningitis, subarachnoid hemorrhage and cranial arteries
Facial headaches, involving the likes of such types as acute sinusitis, post herpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia and temporomandibular joint
As for the migraines, indicators and tale telling signs include bouts that have the tendency to last anywhere from four and all the way up to seventy-two hours. In between those bouts, people do tend to feel as if nothing is out of ordinary, exhibiting no symptoms and evident manifestations. Other more specific types are unilateral (affecting just one side of the person’s head), pulsating, which is often aggravated by those regular activities, forming a certain routine.
In terms of additional manifestations to be pointed out to are also such as photophobia, phonophobia, nausea, and last but not the least, vomiting. Regarded as the most frequent inducers of this specific headache variety are various environmental factors, hormonal changes, too much exercise or exertion, food and various ingredients.
Muscle contraction headaches
They are known to occur in as many as 50% of cases, and it happens on a monthly basis. In terms of intensity, it is regarded as varying from mild to moderate, with no tendency to reach immoderate. Tension type headache still has unknown causes.
Chronic daily headache
This variety is characterized as a variety of a headache, which is present almost every single day, which is to say at least fifteen days in the course of the month. And approximately 50% of people who pay a visit to their doctor due to the headache related complications, do suffer from this particular type of headache.

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