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Frontal neck painmost frequently occurs and befalls those people who are already suffering froma specific variety of a thyroid disease, also known as the hyperthyroidism, aswell as from goiter. Even from a more medical standpoint, this type of pain isnot considered to be that serious in nature, but is certainly the one that canprove to be quite unpleasant and sometimes even pretty difficult to bear. One ofthe prevailing reasons is that, for example, when a person drinks water or eats,s/he might feel unpleasant and radiating pain in the neck. The pain itself willsubside in time, but this is something that should not be dismissed the verymoment it goes always, since this can also be a steadfast indicator that acertain underlying condition, such as the two mentioned above, might be at theroot of it. As already indicated,frontal neck pain is directly related and is one of the most evidentmanifestations of certain thyroid gland related abnormalities. Another morecommon culprit is also considered to be an infection of the throat.

Hyperthyroidism refers to a specificcondition, which is characterized by an above average production of the thyroidhormones. When it comes to the most notable manifestations, these include suchas headaches and intense pain in the person’s neck. In addition, in a greatnumber of cases, the occurring swelling further adds up to the unpleasantcharacter of the neck pain.Hypothyroidism is induced byimproper functioning of the thyroid gland, i.e. by its inactivity. Once thisoccurs, the production of the thyroid hormone is below average and thus thethyroid gland cannot function properly and fulfill its daily activities,influencing in a negative way quite a number of biological processes. This isalso one of the known causes for the occurrence of the frontal neck pain.Goiter belongs to the category of ailments that are directly influenced by the activity of the thyroid gland. The condition inquestion is also considered to be at the bottom of the frontal neck pain, andis also responsible for inducing the sensation of tightness in this area aswell.Infection of the throat and one of themost frequent varieties, i.e. the strep throat is also held responsible for theoccurrence of pain in the front part of the person’s neck. It refers to thebacterial infection that induces throat inflammation.


As already pointedout so many times before, when there is an underlying condition present, theentire treatment therapy depends upon the symptoms and treatment of that exactcondition. Regarded as the most effective ways of breeding oneself of frontalneck pain are prescription medications (e.g. levothyroxine, anti-thryroid medicinesand alike), as well as various front neck exercises.

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