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Carbon dioxide andthe human body

CO2 is regarded asquite important due to the role it has in our bodies. Basically, it representsthe waste product of the cellular metabolism, which is exhaled by our lungs whenthe oxygen is inhaled - at that precise moment. What this so-called wasteproduct is held responsible for is the transportation of oxygen form the bloodto the cells in the body. Once there occurs a hindrance of a kind, decreasingthe levels of CO2 significantly, this directly results in decrease in the amountof oxygen in tissues and vital organs. Direct consequence of this is also the occurrenceof different ailments. What carbon dioxide also does is aid in the dilation ofthe smooth tissues located in the muscles, as well as in regulation of thecardiovascular system.

In addition, carbondioxide is known to transform into carbonic acid. Due to this, it takes the roleof the primary regulator of the balance between alkaline and acid. Furthermore, it is also quite important for the suitable and satisfactory functioning of theperson’s digestive system. When it comes to the most proper, and regarded ashealthiest concentration, it is 40 mm of Hg.


The condition in questiontakes place once the level of carbon dioxide surpasses the 45 mm of Hg mark. Asa direct consequence of hyperventilation, there occurs abuildup of carbon dioxide, absence ordecreased consciousness and a lung disease. Another common area where thisillness feels at home refers to those environments that abound in carbon dioxide(e.g. volcanic regions). Some of the most tell tale signs and manifestations ofearly Hypercapnia include such as extra systoles, flushed skin, increased bloodpressure, reduced neural activity, and last but not the least - severe twitchingaffecting the person’s muscles.

When having downsidesin mind, improper ventilation is one of the more frequent occurrences in divers, which is serious and has the potential to bring about an incompleteexpulsion of carbon dioxide from the person’s blood. The fact is that theailment in question is, in certain cases, initiated by way of treatment of theemergencies medical in nature such as, for example, hyperkalemia, hypertension(elevated blood pressure) and similar health ailments.

Another conditionthat can be brought about by improper levels of carbon dioxide (low, to beprecise) have potential to cause the occurrence of cerebral Vasoconstriction,whose accompanying manifestations include various visual disorders, as well assevere anxiety, transient dizziness, cramping of the muscles and blackouts.

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