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Male Thrush

This condition is characterized as the disease or infection of the mouth and the throat, which is most often caused by a specific kind of the fungus candida, known as Candida Albicans. In medicine, the term used for the condition in question is “candidiasis”. Even though this condition is thought to be more frequent in women, thrush related infections are also a fairly frequent occurrence in male population as well.


This fungus is one of those that is naturally found in our bodies, especially, when fairly warm and moist areas in the body are in question (e.g. genitals or the mouth). Given the fact that our immune system comes to the rescue in this situation by keeping it under watchful eye and good control, candida albicans rarely initiates some serious problems. Even despite this effective shield, there do exist certain culprits that can enable and initiate the fungus growth and this way initiate also an infection. Among those most commonly occurring types of this infection/condition are the following:

penis infection (head of the penis, to be more precise), also more familiar as candida balanitis infection occurring on the inside region of the mouth, also known as oral thrush skin infection (general in character), also more familiar as candida skin thrash

Aside form these three types, there is also one more, which though appearing rather too rarely, is much more serious and grave in nature. It occurs once the fungus candida albicans finds itself in the bloodstream and uses it as a vehicle to get into just about any part of our body. This particular condition is commonly referred to as the “invasive candidiasis”.


Thrush falls into the category of rather fairly common illnesses, especially the variety known as the candida balanitis. According to general estimation, an astonishing number of 1 in every 10 males, who pay a visit to the sexual health clinic is infected with this variant. When it comes to skin infections, they are less common, but there do exist certain groups of people that are at a far greater risk of catching them, and these groups consist of:

people whose immune system is in a rather poor state and too weak to defend the body from invaders people who have issues with excessive weight, i.e. they are overweight people who suffer from diabetes, types 1 and 2

How to Avoid it?

Given the fact that, as mentioned at the beginning of the text, thrush tends to develop in warm and moist conditions, unless a person is not hygiene-aware and forgets to dry his penis after washing it, this fungus may occur in a matter of days. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep your hygene on a high note always.

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