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Thrush is an infection caused by accumulating fungus (Candida albicans), which mainly affects the oral cavity. The human body requires a certain number of these microorganisms that should be in balance. However, the accumulation of fungus can cause various problems in human health such as infections in the intestines, vaginal infections in women, skin infections in infants caused by wearing diapers, urinary tract and mouth infections. These diseases are usually caused by frequent use of antibiotics, contraceptives, steroids, anti-ulcer drugs, or bad diet, excessive eating sugar, hormonal disorders and decline in immunity. Groups of people who have more possibility to get fungal infections include diabetics, pregnant women, people suffering from cancer, HIV positive patients and patients with weakened immune system.

Given that Candida likes warm and moist areas, the thrush in men occurs in a very inconvenient spot, the sexual organ, where uncircumcised men are more likely to develop this disease. There are opinions that thrush occurs as a result of excessive sexual activity, however, that information is false. It is proven that there are sexually inactive men who suffer from this infection. Usually, genital skin has a sufficient number of benign bacteria that maintains the natural balance. However, if the equilibrium is disturbed, it creates the conditions for the development and growth of persistent and very unpleasant micro-organisms. The balance between good and bad bacteria usually can be undermined by long-term use of antibiotics. Also, one of the most common conditions for the accumulation of Candida albicans is the decline in immunity and various diseases such as diabetes.

Thrush occurs in adult males in the form of inflammation of the penis head. It manifests as small red spots on penile discharge area. Also, under the foreskin may occur a cheesy-smelling substance. However, thrush may not be accompanied by these symptoms. So, if the partner suspects that she has fungal infection of the mouth or vagina, medical examination is recommended due to the possibility that you have the infection and not feeling it.

In treating thrush, the most important thing is to treat the cause of accumulation of Candida and understand the nature of the problem. Various anti-fungal creams, which are widely available in pharmacies, are prescribed for the treatment of this disease. But they are only effective in the treatment of acute infection. But, because the Candida is often a chronic disease, treatment of its cause and simultaneous treatment of both partners is crucial for the permanent eradication of the disease. Also, use a condom during sex or don’t consume sex at all. In addition to various anti-fungal creams, a natural remedy Lasterol has proved its success in overcoming this problem. It has been tested, proven and endorsed by many patients as the most effective cure in removing thrush.

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