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Beer is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks in the world. In fact most people will probably say beer is definitively no 1 when it comes to drinking. Every beer has just several components: water, starch source, brewer’s yeast and something to give flavor to the beer. Malted barley is one of the commonly used sources of starch in beers and after fermentation it gets converted into alcohol. Fermentation, however, is enabled by brewer’s yeast in the beer. Yet another thing every beer has to have is something for the flavor and hops is frequently used as flavoring agent in beers.

There are two types of beers: regional ales and international pale lagers. Regional distinct ales can further be divided into pale ale, brown ale and stout.Are There Any Calories in Beer?

Every drink, except clear water has certain number of calories. Some people claim that beer is actually just liquid food, but it can be true just for Homer Simpson characters or someone who doesn’t care about their health or looks. Content of alcohol and calories in the beer depend on the brand. There are literally millions of beer producers all over the world and every beer they make may have different percent of alcohol and different amount of calories. However, you could know something about average estimation for all brands of beer.

Full strength beer usually contains about 75 calories per one glass (7 oz or 200ml), while one bottle of this beer (28oz, 800ml) has some 300 calories. Mid strength beer has 55 calories in one glass or 220 calories in one bottle of 800ml.

Glass of light beer will usually have 45 calories and if you reach for a whole bottle of this you will take about 180 calories. Some beers are said to have small percent of alcohol. However, they also contain calories, regardless the alcohol content. One 200ml glass of these low alcohol beers usually has 24 calories and one bottle some 75 calories.

Famous Brands and Calorie Content

Budweiser in a glass contains 86 calories. One bottle of regular Bud has 145 calories and if you take Bud Light it will be around 110 calories. One glass of Bud Light has 65 calories.

Bottle of Heineken contains 150 calories, while one ounce of this beer has just 12 calories.

A bottle of Guinness draught has 126 calories and one glass about 75 calories.

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