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Information on Egg Whites

Egg white is a transparent liquid in an egg and it surroundsthe yolk. The white part of the egg has the same purpose as a cytoplasm in aliving cell. It is there to protect the yolk and support the embryo byproviding nutrients. Egg white has a very high nutritional value but itcontains a rather low amount of calories. Egg white of a larger egg may containup to 17 calories, while the yolk of the same egg contains approximately 50calories. Egg whites are an excellent type of food for all those who are healthoriented.

Nutritional Value and Calories of Egg Whites

Egg white makes up for approximately twice the amount ofyolk in an egg so it means that it takes up the major part of the egg. Eggwhite also provides the minor part of calories while the yolk provides themajor part of the calories. Eggs are an excellent source of proteins and mostpeople think of them as perfect food items. They can also be related with theoccurrence of certain heart related complications. Depending on different modesof preparation the amount of calories in eggs varies greatly.

Egg white of alarge egg contains 17 calories and only one calorie is provided by the fatcontent. A serving of 100 grams of egg white contains somewhere around 47calories. Egg white is a vital part of numerous different types of weight lossdiets and it provides high amounts of proteins. It should not be consumed inits raw form because it gets contaminated by different types of bacteria rathereasily. Egg whites are a remarkable source of proteins, cholesterol,riboflavin, saturated fats, selenium, sugar, glucose, calcium and differenttypes of vitamins and essential minerals so they actually have a very highnutritional value.

Those who suffer from different types of heart diseasesshould avoid consuming eggs because yolk contains fats and cholesterol inabundance. Egg white also contains sodium in high amounts which can be harmfulfor some people. Egg whites may also sometimes trigger certain side effectssuch as constipation and increased gas production in the intestines.

Health Benefits of Egg White

Egg whites are very efficient in promoting the buildup ofmuscles, maintaining a steady weight, decreasing the levels of bad cholesterolin the blood and increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the blood. Theyare an important part of any bodybuilder’s or wrestler’s diet.

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