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Tilapia is a kind offish that lives in tropical areas of the world. Chinese have farms that breedtilapia. This fish is good because it provides us with proteins, while on theother hand, it is low in fat and calorie content. As the salmon was number onein fish farming, tilapia casted a shadow upon him, because it is easily farmed,has a mild flavor and is white. Because of these facts, it has become popularall around the world very quickly.


As we have said above,tilapia is very healthy for people. She has a lot of proteins and healthylevels of phosphorus and niacin. Vitamins such as selenium and vitamin B12 thatare essential for functioning of your cells are also found in tilapia. Ifsomeone wonders if this fish is toxic, the answer is no. It is because it eatsonly vegetable, seaweed and grains from cereal and because of that, it has avery little level of mercury in it.

Preparation of tilapia fish

You can eat this fish inany way you like but grilling and baking are the most common methods. And whatabout the taste? You can create the taste according to your desire, and it alldepends on the marinades and spices that you like to add. So, it is up to youto explore and discover new mixtures of spices that you like in tilapia. Globalmarket gave us the opportunity to have in our stores all kind of groceries allyear long, so you can buy tilapia also whenever you feel like eating it.

Tilapia is also basicingredient of the diet in people who want and must build muscles. It is becauseof the low fat characteristics and high level of proteins. In comparison toother fish, it contains fewer calories than salmon. The only downside is thatit has fewer omega-3 acids than other oily fish, but on the other side, it islow in fat and calories.

If we look into thenumbers, we can conclude that tilapia is far more economic than other fish.Because of the fast growing, cheap food that it consumes, the price is alsoaffordable.

We recommend that afterreading this article you first try tilapia and then decide weather it is rightfor you or not. You can only benefit and you can’t lose anything by trying outtilapia and specialties from it.

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