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What many peoplemight not have been aware of is that melons are extremely rich sources of suchessential nutrients as magnesium, vitamin C and potassium. Though it belongs tothe category of melons, the watermelon itself has a rather unique and differentoverall structure. Namely, it is distinguished for its mild sweet and waterytaste, and it does not mix well with other food varieties. For this reason, and inthe greatest majority of cases, it is consumed alone.


One characteristicmelon is comprised of approximately 10% sugar and 90% of water, and just like agreat number of other fruit varieties, it abounds in vitamin C. When it comes tothe contents of fat, 100 gm is endowed with 14 gm of total fat, with 1.5 gmreserved for saturated fats, 2.7 gm for monounsaturated fats and 9.3 gm forpolyunsaturated fats. In the very same amount proteins are present with 7 gm,out of which as many as 5 gm are carbohydrates. One fact that will make quite anumber of people rejoice is that it contains not a single trace of cholesterolwhatsoever. As far as the vitamin count is concerned, it has 1 mg of sodium, 0.5mg of copper, 100 mg of magnesium, 0.6 mg of manganese, 200 mg of phosphorus,195 mg of potassium and 17 mcg of selenium. Other nutrients include vitamin E(14 mg), pantothenic acid (1.9 mg) and folate (64 mcg). Overall, 100 gmcontains anywhere from 14 to 50 calories.

Health proponent

All the nutrientsmentioned above contribute greatly to the watermelon’s great health benefits. Sinceit is mostly water (as much as 90%), it is known to be a quite effectiveurination inducer, that way making sure that the person’s kidneys are always “spickand span.” The fact that it is rich in potassium makes it a superb detoxifierand aider in the process of elimination of harmful toxins that can built up inperson’s kidneys. In addition, potassium is well known for its ability todecrease the quantity of uric acid found in the blood. In return, this turns thewatermelon into a mighty weapon when it comes to the reduction of kidney damageand formation of the renal calculi. Also, magnesium, and potassium of course,are known to be highly efficient in decreasing the blood pressure andmaintaining its normal levels for longer periods of time. Arginine that it contains is known to be an efficient remedy for erectile dysfunction.

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