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Grapefruit orsomething else

The fruit in questionis quite commonly mixed up with the grapefruit, due to its outer look probably.But upon paying closer attention, we come to realize that this is a completelynew variety of the citrus fruit, which abounds in nutrients just like grapefruit,providing numerous health benefits. Another fact that needs to be pointed outto is that pomelo is also distinguished from all other citrus fruits by itssize – namely it is the biggest of them all. Other commonly used names for thisfruit are also Chinese grapefruit, lusho fruit, jabong, papanas, shaddock etc. Otherquality that differentiates it from its next of kin, i.e. the grapefruit, asidefrom the size has also a much thicker skin. When it comes to the size, it rangesanywhere from 15 to 25 cm in diameter, and the weight is approximately 1-2 kg. Therind is in most cases of pale green color, changing into yellow once the fruitbecomes ripe. As far as the climate is concerned, the ones that best suitpomelo are tropical climates, with the fruit ripening in winter time.

Nutrition relatedfacts

When it comes to thecultures that are most fond of pomelo, considered to be the keenest one iscertainly China, where pomelo is the central dessert – mostly the candiedvariety. In Great Britain, for example, the peel is used for making a deliciousmarmalade. Since pomelo itself abounds in calories, it is regarded as anexceptional substitute for those rich and fattening desserts. Aside from greatnutritional values, this fruit is also considered to be an extremely effectivenatural remedy for seizure treatment, as well as coughs, and it was regarded asan integral part of the ancient traditional medicine. In addition, leaves holdnumerous remedying properties as well, and they can be used for the treatmentof ulcers, simply by applying them to the affected skin area. Flowers are alsoused to a great extent, primarily in making of fragrances and exotic perfumes.

Calorie counts

When it comes to the amount of calories, one cup of this fruit contains approximately 72 calories.One serving of pomelo, which is equal to 100 g, has as little as 37calories. If consumed as a salad ingredient, that calorie count is even smallerand amounts to about 30 calories. A middle sized pomelo fruit (500 gm) is knownto contain round 225 Kcal. On the other hand,the nutrient counts go as follows:

total fats 0.076 g,saturated fats 0 g,monosaturated fats 0 g, polyunsaturated fats 0 g,dietary fiber 1.90 g, proteins 1.444 g,carbohydrate 18.278 g,cholesterol 0 mg,potassium 410.400mg,vitamin C 115.90 mg andsodium 1.900 mg.

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