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It can be said that ahot steaming bowl of porridge certainly is more than a good way to begin yourday; not just because it will keep you warm, but also because of the fact thatit abounds in fiber and, more importantly, in proteins.

Healthy tradition

The dish in questionhas been a part of many traditional cuisines for centuries, and it is the onedish that has managed to prevail despite the relentless “cooking revolution”.Even today, this dish is being served in quite a number of countries as a partof tradition, and it is the most employed dish when there is a need to nurse anill person. Athletes are also the ones who consume it prior to any competitiveevent, due to the simple fact that it is extremely healthy.

When it comes tothose more modern cultures, porridge is mostly served as a supplement to themost important meal of the day, i.e. breakfast, or as a breakfast alone. Peopleoften tend to enrich it by means of salt, sugar, milk or even cream, and it ismostly served steaming hot. Since the food industry has also made its progress,today people have at their disposal many varieties of readymade porridge. Alsosuch varieties as oatmeal, dried peas, maize, potato, barley, rice, wheat,quinoa, millet, sorghum, rye and snail porridge are enjoyed by people allaround the globe.

Focal point No. 1 -calories

Of course, as always,what interests most people are the calorie counts that this savory dish holds. Oneimportant fact, however, is that when it comes to the homemade variety, the bestway to keep track of the amount of calories is to mind the ingredients used inthe making.

Quakeroats porridge, i.e. breakfast cereal – serving size of 30 gm contains 110caloriesTescooats porridge, also breakfast cereal – serving size of 50 mg contains 182caloriesAsdaoats porridge, same as the above – serving size of 50 gm contains 192 caloriesWholeearth organic porridge, i.e. the oats category – serving size of 100 gm contains351 caloriesCrusshsummer porridge – serving size of 100 mg contains 150 caloriesAlprosoya light, enriched with vitamins and unsweetened – serving size of 100 gmcontains 21 caloriesMilk,reduce fat, fluid, 2% milk fat + vitamin A – serving size of 240 mg contains120 caloriesWholemilk – serving size of 240 mg contains 150 calories

Focal point No. 2 –nutrients

In serving size of 40gm:

Proteins– amount 3.9 gm (8%)Dietaryfiber – amount 2.5 gm (10%)Totalcarbohydrates – amount 21.7 gm (7%)Totalfat – amount 3 gm (5%)Saturatedfat – amount 3 gm (5%)Saturatedfat – amount 0 gm (0%)Sodium– amount 0 mg (0%)Caloriesfrom fat – amount 22 (18%)Caloriesfrom carbohydrates – amount 57.9%Caloriesfrom proteins – amount 10.4%

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